About Us

Knowledge Meets the Market

Afrika Insights Inc. is a political risk advisory and publishing company based in Ontario, Canada, whose main objective is to provide people with the information and knowledge to make beneficial investments in sub-Saharan Africa.

In a globalised world in which people are increasingly interconnected and can engage in real-time, instantaneous communication from any point in the globe, business opportunities are also transcending old barriers and boundaries.

For those who dared, Africa has yielded among the highest returns on investment globally for the past two decades when compared with other emerging and frontier markets. Whether in long-term foreign direct investment or in portfolio flows, Africa has hugely benefited those who understood it’s terrain and navigated it’s risks with knowledge.



Felix Ofulue, Afrika Insights Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer, worked for The Coca-Cola Company across Africa for almost 20 years, during which he had stints in the east, south and west of the continent. He leads a team of researchers and analysts located across the continent’s major capitals, gathering information in their raw form and then refining and delivering them in easy to understand formats to our clients and readers.