Our Services

  • We provide political risk consulting and advisory services to help prospective and current investors understand the African terrain better and guide them to more profitable investments.
  • We undertake research and produce reports that make the connection between political developments and investment risks.
  • We provide bespoke reports commissioned by clients on political risk in Africa, from country-specific reports to regional analyses.
  • We also provide special reports on specific industries and sectors, drawing their nexus with political developments and policy decisions in a given country.
  • We undertake due diligence reports, checking on a company‚Äôs registration, ownership and tax records with relevant authorities and furnishing clients with all the necessary information for the appropriate business decisions.
  • We publish a political risk and investment newsletter which tracks African financial markets and leaves crucial information at your fingertips.
  • We produce articles, podcasts and video materials on Africa investment themes as well as multimedia presentations ranging from short clips to documentaries.

For service enquiries:
Call: +1 905 616 2351; email: afrikainsights@afrikainsights.ca