Oil and Gas

Africa is one of the world’s important reservoirs of fossil fuels. Countries such as Nigeria, Angola, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea have for decades been important producers of oil and gas.

In the past decade, however, with improvements in exploration and production techniques, virtually all regions of the continent have shown some potential to yield commercial quantities of hydrocarbons.

The West African coastline running from Mauritania to Namibia, was traditionally the zone of hydrocarbons, with almost every country in between having made some discovery. New finds on the Indian Ocean coast in Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya, clearly demonstrate that these potentials are now even more widespread. 

Oil pumping station

Investors keen on taking advantage of these opportunities are often confronted with inadequate knowledge of the social, political and economic circumstances undergirding these resources. Having the wrong information and a poor understanding of an investment climate usually results in bad decisions and lost investments.

The work of Afrika Insights the prospective investor with the research and briefings that will lead to beneficial business decisions. We can conduct broad, industry-wide briefings just as we can also conduct project-specific investigations and analysis.

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